The Real Truth Why Women Say They Want A Nice Guy, But Really Really Dont …

When women say they want a nice guy, what theyre really doing is defining what they find biologically easiest to exploit

It’s basically a mind game women play with most men

Instead of telling the truth, women will try & make the man easier to exploit by other women …

This is also why women, reject men so much, on dates, give last minute resistance, shit test etc.,

It’s all designed to make men easier to exploit by other women …

What theyre really doing is stating from the point of benefit to women, not men …

Gentle, loving, kindness are all relationship destroyers for men

Useless concepts such as gentle, loving & kind, all they do is make it easier for men to be exploited by women

Of course women dont say, confidence, masculinity, aloofness, dominance & manliness, you cant exploit men who refuse to take crap from women

This is why confidence, masculinity, aloofness, dominance & manliness & being ruthlessly competitive is so important for men

It prevents them from being exploited by women & society in general

This is why its so important to work out, & keep your testosterone levels up, the elevated endorphins & toestosterone, allow you out talk & beat women at their own game …


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