Famous Rapper Nas Raises Charity Event For A Single Dad of Eight Children

Interesting headline, but is highly misleading …

This is a clear example of a deliberate attempt at undermining real families

It’s only at the end of the article, do they admit she died in a fire …

The whole article is basically a cover up of a widowed husband …

“Stanley Young lost his home, wife and job, forcing him to live out of a small hotel room with his eight children.

Being a single father is a tough feat, and hip hop artist Nas knows all about the struggle associated with raising a child alone. That’s why the Queensbridge lyricist stepped in to help raise money for a fellow single father of eight in need.

Nas was touched when he heard the story of Stanley Young, the D.C. man who lost his home to a fire, is unemployed and is living out of hotel room until he can find a home for his family.

The “Daughters” rapper began a fundraising campaign on Crowdtilt urging his fans to contribute, and has since raised $42,500.

Nas contributed $5,000 to the campaign and is hoping to reach a total of $50,000 to help the Youngs find a permanent home.

The children’s mother passed away last year. “


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