How To Cleverly Find The Perfect Wife Or Husband, With Ease & Poise & Intelligence

Want to find the perfect hot wife, gf, or perfect boyfriend or husband?

Every wondered why you’re not a super genius, or a multi-millionaire?

You dont have a ratio of what it takes to create the compass, to create the directions to go for, in the first place …

The 20% strategy … or creating a ratio, is one of the most advanced techniques I teach to people who cant seem to get, what they want out of life …

Most men or women, who cant find someone, dont have what I call an active strategy of actually finding someone …

This is mainly because they try to eat the whole cake, instead of tasting the filling

What most people dont realise, getting what you want is actually alot easier, then knowing what you want

The west is filled with philosophies of self actualising your fantasies, but they dont tell you, its actually alot easier to go for what you want, instead of sitting on your ass & knowing what you want

Actively trying to get what you want, is alot easier then knowing what you want is out there, you just dont know how to get it…

Of course you can negate this not knowing how to get it, if you actively try to get all of the things you want

Dont treat your dreams like a hobby, & you magically find you have the time & drive & determination to get what you want …

Actively getting what you want, is alot easier then a lifetime of knowing what you want, & not actively achieving your hopes & aspirations & determination

Build a criteria, a ratio, giving yourself the ability & expertise, to learn to know what you want is one of the most important subconcious strategies you can give yourself

Putting it all into motion, is when you really realise how you as a person function …

You attract the women you want

If you cant find the hot rocket scientist .. change the venue

Readjust your criteria to get what you want

At first go for girls who meet 20% of your criteria

Then 30, 40, 50 , 60 , 70, 80, 90, 100

The girl of your dreams is there, you just dont know who to sensitise yourself to create the strategies to meet her

By meeting someone you find matches 30% you figure out how to attract the types of women you want

Once you figure out how the 30% thinks & wants, you create strategies & idea’s to meet the 40% of women who meet your criteria

Learn to know how to know what to want, some skills are learnt by realising exposing yourself to a 10% of what you want, gets you to a 20% & so on

Alot of people cant handle getting what they want, as they dont explore the 20 & 30% of what they want

This is essentially why spoiled & privileged people are so unhappy, they dont explore the ratio’s or criteria of what they want

Its alot like test driving a car before you buy

Exploring a woman who’s 10%, allows you to test drive the relationship, it allows you to testdrive what you really want …

Life is alot more interesting, when you approach your goals by surprise … of course surprise is 90% chance of not knowing how it turns out …

This is why most people dont meet their perfect man or woman, they dont know how to surprise themselves …

This is why my 20% technique is so powerful, it allows you to create success out of points of spontaneity & surprise

The 20% technique …


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