Thanks For All The Support Guys, Short Hiatus For A Week, Feel Free to Post Comments, Preparing To Upgrade

I’ve got a post on Mark Minter planned, yes i’ll try not to be mean … lol

As well as some major posts, you guys are going to get a kick out of … stay tuned

If you guys hadnt noticed, the layout on this site’s virtually nonexistent

Which is a bit embarrasing, considering i’m also a gfx designer … lol

WordPress themes are all fixed, i’ll be moving over to a custom site, i’ll be keeping the same look & feel, but with a great new layout

WordPress has hate speech policies, preventing me from writing really controversial articles

Controversy & challenging intellect are my main fortes …

I’ll be able to write much harder hitting articles on an independent host

So be prepared for even more butt hurt feminists crying in their soup … lol

And …

Thanks to everyone who’s supported this blog, considering this blog is only just over 2 months old, the traffic’s rising at insane proportions …

So thank you all, for making this site a great intellectual joyride!!!

I now have over a whopping 5,000 hits, in just under 2 months, which is surprisingly good, for a new site, not many people know about …

The highest so far i’ve had is over 400 visitors in one day, & over 100 hits per hour

I average around 60-70 visitors a day, & over 200 hits a day, which is CRAZY for a new site …

Most sites average around a 100 visitors a day, after about a year or two … I managed to do the same in around 8 weeks … staggering, no?

Around 600 people read my blog a week … thats over 2,400 people a month … whoa

I really wasnt expecting anyone to get my posts, I also wasnt expecting a great reception, as alot of my stuff is extremely controversial … lol

The support on this blog has exceeded all my expectations, wow just wow … thanks guys

I really wasnt this expecting this blog to reach a wider audience, I must thank all the great readers to this blog, for making this blog a great experience, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the great comments & the great people with amazing intellects & idea’s, this blog is for you …

I’ve got great things planned for this blog, apart from even more controversial intellectual ass kicking posts …

A reddit forum, a youtube channel, & growing this blog to be a major player

I’ll still be montoring the site, so feel free to post comments, I also need to defrazzle a bit before making major posts, braincells need a good recharge… lol

See you guys in a weeks time


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