How Women Secretly Manipulate Society & Give Themselves Massive Unjust Privilege

Great comment by Vektor, over at Dalrocks

“Doesn’t matter if you are an MRA and fight, or a MGTOW and say fuck you to feminists, or a PUA and decide to develop skills to manipulate women to get what you want. Men need power to balance the power women currently hold.

Men need to learn to help each other. Other men are not your enemy…..they are your allies and brothers. Help other men any way you can ….period.”

Excellent post, this is exactly what I try to tell people, society is too unbalanced & men have no idea, how privileged & corrupt our society bends over backwards for women, while damaging millions of men

It’s this no idea, which makes it so important for men to learn PUA & game & organise as men as MRA’s

The problem is everything to do with women is veiled in emotional context, covers created by women designed to cover up how they benefit women only

Its the emotional context women are couched in, which doesnt allow people to see women for what they really are

Its the emotional context of women, which manipulates the emotional narrative of society, this is what makes women so dangerous to society

Women use their victimhood to create an emotional narrative which manipulates society on a massive scale, giving them huge amounts of privilege

ie., make a man pay for everything, they call him a provider …

Steal everything from a man, his property, his livelihood & his children, they dont call it theft & outright corruption, they conveniently label it divorce for women … its sick, to think theft of men has been labelled as a benefit for the privilege of women, for centuries

Its the greed which surprises me, the surprising greed of women in our society to take from men, thats what really surprises me

Men have to literally pay & build everything for women … everything in society is run by men … have women no soul … ?

Women cant stand rights for anyone but themselves

Their attention whoring, puts everyone at risk, everything from abortion to frivorce, its all about their rights … not even the rights of their own infant to life gets factored into their fascist movements

In New York over 50% of infants murdered by their own mothers, weeks after theyve formed limbs

Murder, theft, nazism, corruption, everything gets perverted & twisted for women

They cant stand criticism & a heated debate

This is why they dont achieve anything, every moment spent trying to turn logic into an emotion … instead of rational

They dont realise, an emotion has no sense of justice, which is why these women commit these atrocities, these avarice’s against a toiled society built with the blood sweat in the hands of men …


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