Why Mangina’s, Effiminate Men & Men In Touch With Their Feelings Are A Danger to the MRA & The Manosphere

“Neoreaction must go beyond its roots in the critique of feminism. It must become, or at least produce, a rival theory that can stand on its own. Furthermore, it must be a theory which could have been produced were feminism never to occur.”

This is what red pill & game is in the process of doing

Theres an important distinction not made, a successful rival theory has to come from both men & women

As women have a biological hardwired hatred for men

There’s already great inroads being made, in large societal entry points, such as reddit & other mainstream media, by both men & women

The problem with men only movements, is the invasion of men, who mimic the biology of women, called mangina’s

Basically whenever theres a consensus by men, on literally anything, effeminate men imitating women start portraying women as victims, of the consensus reached by alot of men

ie., if men complain women are so anti-social & toxic & poison, to the point artificial constructs, lifeless automatons offer men a better alternative

These effeminate men, try hopelessly to portray women as being victims of men … instead of addressing the desperations of men, & the facts & realities of why men prefer a lifeless woman, over anti-social, toxic, socially maladjusted women

What they dont address is the fact, these men are acting out of an act of desperation, a last ditch attempt to save the society, millions of brave men built before them …


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