Albert Einstein – Married Men Are The Toy Dogs Of Women, Women Steal The Wealth Of Society

In my previous post How Married Women Rob & Steal From Men, I pointed out how women steal from men, controlling all the wealth in the lower, middle & upper class society, by stealing their husbands paychecks, or through outright legalised theft & robbing their husbands through divorce

Interestingly Albert Einstein, noticed this too all the way back in July 1921 … marriage has always been a centuries old scam to give women ridiculous amounts of social mobility, steal a mans wealth & paycheck, & transfer it back to government, through her useless addiction to wasting cash on useless trinkets & other useless garbage

“Above all things there are the women who, as a literal fact, dominate the entire life in America.

The men take an interest in absolutely nothing at all. They work and work, the like of which I have never seen anywhere yet.

For the rest they are the toy dogs of the women, who spend the money in a most unmeasurable, illimitable way and wrap themselves in a fog of extravagance.”

Quote from unknownmisandry, which has an interesting running commentary on the history of feminism, interesting stuff

He also has a great reading list on 1920’s MRA’s


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