Persuade & Manipulate People Like A Pro, Expert Conversation & Strategy Part Two

In the first part, I pointed out, change the context of an arguement by presuming they agree with you & you’ll win everytime

The presumption of disagreement, is the real context

If the person didnt agree with you on a smaller level, he wouldnt be talking to you

If you change the presumption of disagreement to a context of presumption of agreement, he’ll think he agreed all along

Basically, he wants to agree with you, he just doesnt know how

It’s alot like two children in a pillow fight, they only cry if they think the pillow’s cause lumps, when they thwack each other … if you change the context of lumps to something fun, they start laughing …

They dont realise the lumps never existed in the first place …

They basically created a context of lumps which never existed in the first place …

Kids do this all the time ..

For example if a child cuts his finger, if you tell him if he doesnt stop crying, he wont get any sweets or become a rich millionaire with tons of sweets in sweet heaven

Of course he forgets about his finger, & starts grinning thinking of all the cash he’ll make selling all the damn sweets on ebay …

Kids are sneaky …

The more absurd & ridiculous the presumption of context, the quicker he starts agreeing with you, it’s a hilarious way of getting sweets & candy from kids & getting them to see homework as cool & fun & turning them into rich millionaires

NLP presuppositions are a great way to get kids & people to do what you want

You can literally get a person to believe anything, if you change the context of the presumptions he doesnt agree with you

All conversations begin from a point of agreeing, they then create a context not to agree, most people really dont agree

They just agree on the context to not agree

It’s alot like seeing two people arguing over some pointless crap

If they dont agree, then why are they still talking?

They’re reinforcing the context of not find enough things to agree on to ridiculous proportions,

So epic & wide in scale, they dont see why they cant find all the solutions outside of the context of the arguement

They dont realise, they’re also agreeing not to see all the solutions outside of the context of the arguement …

This is why …

They talk on & on, not generating solutions, because theyve agreed not to generate solutions …

It’s alot like the kid realising his finger stops hurting, if he thinks of sweets & of all the cash he’ll make…

He’s agree’d to think of a context where he stops thinking of the pain

If you create a context outside of the disagreement, he can stop thinking of the disagreement in the old context

You create a climbable context, which exists outside of his perception of the conversation

You switch the reality of his perception to something else …

Its a pretty powerful technique creating a context, outside of the disagreement …


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