Afghans Block Bill, Afghans Save Afghani Women From Turning Into Sluts & Whores Like The Typical Ameriskank

The British government & the U.S government, always use courts to take over countries

All courts are systems of racketeering & extortion, especially the corrupt courts in the U.K & the U.S, the judges in these courts are pure scum, theyre nothing more then criminals …

They implement highly corrupt courts, in places like Jamaica, India, Afghanistan & other 3rd world countries, to wage cultural wars, to brainwash the population into destroying their families, & hundreds of years of tradition & culture, designed to protect families & their children

Which is why we see protests like the following outside of courts in places like Afghanistan

One poster read, “I am a Self-Aware Woman, I Will Not Be Deceived by the Empty Slogans of the West.”

“This law is not only against Islamic values; it is also against all other ethical values,”

one protester, Saida Hafiz, said to a crowd of about 200 young women and children assembled in the room.

“If we remain silent today, soon our society will be morally corrupted like that of the West.”

They included placards reading: ‘The first step for enforcing Islam is abolishing democracy’ and ‘democracy means kufr, democracy means dishonour, democracy means obscenity, democracy means bestial behaviour’

Sound’s alot like the U.S & U.K

What I find interesting is the use of agencies, like the CIA pretending to be feminists, the same techniques they used to attack white traditions & white cultures in the U.K & the U.S

By posing as fake civil rights movements, they destroyed the african communities in the U.S

& by posing as fake womens rights movements, they destroyed millions of years of cultures & traditions, to enslave families to corporations & corrupt government criminals


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