Why Women Dont Get Over Alpha’s & Bad Boys, All Women Suffer From 10 Minutes Of Alpha

All women dont ever really get over their 10 minutes of alpha

Pretty much every song written by a woman, is her whining how she never got over her drummer alpha, or how she still thinks of him, even after 10 years of married to a beta sucker

This is essentially because women are serially monogamous & meant to have sex with only one or two partners

Women can really only bond to a man through her virginity

Women yearn for the guy who took their virginity for years …

Women cant differentiate, or emotionally detach themselves from the hundreds of men they sleep with, as theyre supposed to bond as virgins

So they bond with the most dominant guy they slept with

It’s more of a coping mechanism, a focal point to stabilise their emotions, it’s an inability to bond with the guy who took their virginity

Thats what 10 minutes of Alpha really is, an inability to bond with the guy who took their virginity

As I explained in a comment to Mike Singer

It’s slightly different for feminist women

I see it as an addiction to social cues created by an alpha

The main reason women seem to have 10 minutes of alpha syndrome

Feminism isolates women from men, so basically all women know is how to talk to alpha’s

Most western women only know how to talk to extroverted men

Because feminism isolates women, from men & their families

It’s this isolation which causes women to seek extreme amounts of dominance & authority


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