Great New Red Pill Pickup Techniques & Strategies I’ll Be Introducing To The Gaming & PUA Communities

We all know why game is an absolute necessity, it rebuilds broken men from a feminist infected society …

Over the next coming months, I’ll be exploring & resolving alot of the Christian idea’s & threads, as well as my posts on stayathome moms & families

I’ll be taking this blog on a more game orientated direction, but I’ll still be catering to christians & addressing families etc

Unlike other gaming techniques, most of my version of game is based on behaviourology & Ericksonian double binds, which I refer to as Reality Based Double Binds, basically recursive behaviourial patterns

Altering a behaviour is alot more powerful, then learning tons of game & lines & scripts, as it adapts to the person applying the technique, instead of forcing the person to adapt to something else

Its this adapting to the person, which makes my gaming techniques so powerful & easy to use


A major new technique I’ll be introducing is a well known NLP, highly powerful method called Hyperacuity

Hyperacuity dramatically allows a guy to easily talk to women

Most guys have approach anxiety, hyperacuity destroys AA, by only talking to women who’re interested in you, & have chemistry with,

This dramatically destroys AA & allows most guys to talk to any chick they want

This also sensitises you to only chicks who’re interested in you & screens out chicks & flakes

The other portion of hyperacuity, is a radical new technique

When you’re walking avoid looking at chicks, this dramatically reduces the amount of information

Most guys have AA because they have sensory overload, theyre processing too much information which causes them not to talk, by looking at tons of chicks …

If they stop looking at chicks on the street, they dramatically increase they’re skills infield

This also boosts a guys confidence, as most women are bitchy & go out of their way to make guys feel shitty, if you stop looking at all chicks alotogether you avoid the bitches altogether …

Guarantee’d Phone Number Technique

I’ll be covering this in alot more detail later on

After talking to her, pretend to walk away, she’ll get upset, then offer to give her your number out of pity … lol

Basically get her to emotionally invest in the phone number, this is the key, to preventing her from flaking & guaranteeing she gives you her number

Biological dominance, Social Dominance, & Trigger paternal instincts

Three foundations of pickup & game

Biological dominance : Behaving aloof, dominant & confident, extreme levels of leadership & genius

Social Dominance: Extended levels of social dominance, triggers her biological triggers to mate with an alpha

Trigger paternal instincts: Teach her self control & how to game herself, correct her behaviours, put her in her place, force her to be submissive

Triggers her paternal instincts, causing her to future project you disciplining her children


A key component in dominating women

You’re state & frame should always be higher & dominating hers

Control the Conversation at all times

A key component in leading women, if you want to avoid shit tests & irrational behaviour, this is how its done …

Teach men how to create Alpha social cues

Most guys compartamentalise their Alpha behaviour, their Alpha social cues, to work & play, instead of extending their alpha behaviour & Alpha social cues to women also

My Lead Dominate Outstate, & Build Compliance versions of game does just that …

The other major innovation I’ll be bringing are natural supplements to increase a mans toestosterone

As most men dont want to work out, toestosterone supplements will naturally rapidly increase their game & success with women

I’ll also be bringing out Liquid Makeup for men tm, basically oil’s specifically designed to make mens skin look amazing, even after shaving

& finally Face Shaping technologies, which allows you to look like Brad pitt or tom cruise, without plastic surgery


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