Ownage Comment : How Its Done, All Chicks Experts At Screwing Over Men, Game Women Con Artists

Great Comment from Rollo’s site by walawala, screw the head games, screw them back by outcome independence & abundance mentality

“Here’s my latest experience with the girl I’d been banging for 7 months.

She has a melt-down of some sort blaming it on the fact I’m “too stubborn” which I realize is beta bait to be more attentive. I flip the script. I disappear.

We get into it and she breaks up with. Comes over, grabs her make up leaves.

Then a few days later sends me a bland birthday greeting. I ignore. She posts on my FB. I don’t “like” it.

She texts me before a party she knew I was going to on some pretext that I left a “sock” in her stuff. “Make a puppet out of it” I reply.

I go to the party, game other chicks. Now realize what’s happening: this ploy to get me to be a beta schlub has backfired, the break-up, the other stuff…and I’m gaming other girls.

I go to the washroom, she leaves the same time, then confronts me, starts balling her eyes out.

I react with amused mastery….”You’re hurt? Awww, didn’t you just end things and grab all your stuff back?”

I take her home….dump an anger fuck into her.

She confesses…. “Why didn’t you chase me?”

I don’t chase.

Then the best part:

“How many girls did you fuck while we were apart?”

ME: What matters is who I’m going to fuck next.

This is not a scene from Casablanca.

Even Don Draper has his beta moments in Season 6 but he quickly realizes it gets his shit together and ploughs on…”



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