Women Over 30+ Are All Expired Goods, & A Danger To Kids, Never Marry An Expired Chick

The fact is women shouldnt marry men if they dont want kids

Marriage is for kids, which is why a man slaves away for a family, something women are too lazy to do

Women want kids, but they dont want to pay for them, lazy cows

Women who expect a man to slave away for no kids are scum

Men who marry for companionship are idiots, if you dont want kids co-habit or ltr

Giving away half of your wealth to a woman is insane

THATS precisely what women over 30+ are advocating

All theyre doing is extending the role of provider to a barren used womb, its sick

Men who marry barren, unfertile, over the hill 30+ expired women

Are enslaved to sex

Are enslaved due to having no social skills

Are enslaved due to having no social life

Women over 30+ DELIBERATELY seek out guys like this, so they can isolate him, & screw him over for every single penny, they can get their hands on

It’s ALL about isolation

Isolate the guy, dont let him see his friends or family

Make sure he has no social life or family to call for help

This is WHY women are always trying to get a mans attention & gab away for hours

It’s ALL about isolation

Isolate the guy, & transfer huge amounts of cash & free housing

Why the hell do you think they wait so long to get married?

By the time women hit 30, they realise they’re terrible at their job,

They realise they dont have the ambition or drive to make enough money to make it through their old age

& the hunt to isolate a beta from his family, friends & social life begins

ALL women follow this exact same pattern

Its all about isolating the husband, so she can transfer as much cash & free rent as she can get away with …


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