Women Only Date Alpha’s & Hot Guys Out Of Desperation Part 3!!!

This post is out of sequence, the second part’s in my drafts somewhere, I’ll post later on striking while the anvils hot etc., lol

In the first part I outlined how women only date alpha’s & hot guys out of desperation

Basically if women cant attract beta’s they revert to high testosterone males, or alpha’s

The high testosterone is an important distinction, as most men give off social cue’s which make them seem beta to women, but they really arent …

The fact is, todays Alpha’s were beta’s in the 1950’s

The cads, & thugs were all loosers, with no legacy or heritage, they were beta’s

What we call alpha’s today, would be called beta’s yesterday

It was the move to urban cities, which enslaved millions of families to the criminals who run these closely disguised death camps, we call cities

Millions of men, who once had their own farms & huge amounts of wealth, stupidly moved into cities, & over generations churned out millions of emasculated pussified men, thanks to lazy stayathome mothers, while the fathers slaved away in factories

Who then went onto become judges & lawyers, hand in hand with corrupt occult sects, enslaving whole societies of men

This generational enslavement from having huge amounts of farmland, to living in crap boxes made out of concrete, dramatically decreased the social status of most men

So what we have today is really a nation of alpha’s giving off the social signalling mechanics of beta’s

The truth is, to be attracted to masculine women, you need high levels of toestosterone

As high toestosterone levels, give huge sex drives

The REAL reason women go after alpha’s & high toestosterone men

This is WHY women seem to require huge levels of aggression & dread game to keep them disciplined

Because of huge promiscous & whoring for most of their lives, they become ridiculously masculine for being a slut for so many years

They eventually become too masculine for even high toesterone men

Forcing them to find a vulnerable beta to exploit …

What most gamers & theorists, seem to overlook is the role of narcissism in women

When a woman realises a man doesnt find her biologically attractive as a definitive, he can be turned on by her, but she knows her personality is too masculine & damaged, her narcissism causes her not to like him …

Women use social signalling to judge mate fitness, if she signals she’s too dominant, she expects a signal back stating dominance over her

Which is where confidence, aloofness & dominance comes into play

To teach men how to socially signal their alpha states

All men are alphas at work & play, they just dont know how to signal their alphaness to society & women … thats where game comes into play …


15 thoughts on “Women Only Date Alpha’s & Hot Guys Out Of Desperation Part 3!!!

  1. This article is true to my experience. I have dated/ courted many a highly educated Christian gals(masters & phd) post divorce. Due to their excessive partner court – they are way too masculine as well as to be venal dark triad personalities (see below – Damaged good in my modest estimation).
    This was a very painful learning process post divorce. Thank goodness for red pills and the manosphere !

  2. People didn’t move off their farms voluntarily, they lost their farms to the bankers during various droughts. They had to go into debt to buy industrial farming equipment, otherwise they would be outproduced by those who did.

    • Thanks for pointing that out, I meant unvoluntarily, I was trying not to get side tracked, lol

      It wasnt mostly debt while true, they were forced off their land by rules & regulations, which made it almost prohibitive to run a farm

      Plus they introduced millions of fake epidemics such as mad cow disease & swine flu, to kill off millions of farmers livestock

      Most farmers were subsisters & grew food crops, instead of cash crops & livestock

      Most farmers really didnt need to compete commercially, as they lived off the land

    • Ah yes, I see where you got the impression of voluntary

      I was referring to the propoganda run by the governments at the time of jobs & ridiculous fortunes in the city

      The same scam they run in India & africa

  3. Good points, but I would say in general alpha vs beta desirability is actually more corelated to age and/or if they have a kid. Until they hit 30~ or have a kid ‘alpha’ wins out, but after they need a ‘nice guy’.

    • Its really correlation

      After the age of 30 their hormones fall rapidly, causing them to loose alot of their masculine toestosterone drive

      Hormones are behaviorally created, the more masculine women behave the greater theyre toestosterone levels, which is why they need to dress & be submissive to men

  4. I propose once a women has given up restraint and been bitten by alpha – it is over for her. She will not be able to settle down with a beta – she will be unable to bond. Your thoughts ?

    • I see it as an addiction to social cues

      The main reason women seem to have 10 minutes of alpha syndrome

      Feminism isolates women from men, so basically all women know is how to talk to alpha’s

      Most western women only know how to talk to extroverted men

      Because feminism isolates women, from men & their families

      It’s this isolation which causes women to seek extreme amounts of dominance & authority

  5. “I see it as an addiction to social cues” – I never thought of it that way but it makes sense. I liken it to posturing / peacock since approx 90% of communication is non verbal.
    Are there any non game books on this topic ?

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