The Basic Structure Of Making A Woman Fall In Love Part 2 – Display Social Dominance

An alpha creates drama behaviourally as well verbally

Women are literally stunned by the aloofness & dominance behaviour of an alpha

The key concept to understand behind this is what I call “The status gap” or the social gap

Women dont fall in love with physical dominance, women fall in lust with physical dominance, ie a persons looks etc

Women fall in love with a persons perceived higher social status

This falling in love with a persons social status is actually more powerful then physical lust, this is why always demonstrate higher social status if you to get a bang fast, this is why when you walk into a room always demonstrate ruthlessness, aloofness, indifference & coldness & dominance

Always demonstrate you’re higher status then her, through your arrogance towards her, she’s always beneath you

If you want to bang a chick fast, aloofness, dominance, arrogance & indifference, & being cold towards her, triggers her need to be socially dominated by a strong alpha

The higher you demonstrate your social status above a woman, the faster you bang her

ThIs is the key to making a woman fall in love with you

Theres 3 key components to getting a woman fall for you, Biological dominance, ie triggering her biological triggers by being dominant, Social Dominance, demonstrate you’re higher status then her & Trigger her paternal instincts by teaching her self control, this demonstrates your able to discipline her & her future kids

This is also why women bond so strongly to guys who refuse to take crap from a woman, you’re triggering her paternalism, she’s future projecting a guy who refuses to take shit from her future kids

Somebody suggested the best way is to avoid being beta, what you’re really doing when you avoid being a beta, you signal you’re higher social status then her, at all times


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