Comment Of The Day: Yes, 90% of the World Is Still Sane, Have Hope

Excellent comment on ex-patting

I’ve only been through Japan on connecting flights, but I have one thing to say about Japanese women. You can be in the airport 15 minutes with them and see it.

Class. These are some classy women, something that hits you like a thunderbolt when coming from the degenerate slut culture in America.

Isn’t it amazing that all the things feminism tells women to do only serves to drive men away from them? Just being in the presence of a real, traditional woman who isn’t scared of her femininity is truly a sight to behold in this day and age.

I happened to notice most of the married couples I saw on the flight to Tokyo were American men with Japanese women, and these women immediately commanded respect. They looked happy, and the women were actually acting like – women – of all things. Many of the couples had children and I actually envied some of the men on that flight. They looked as though they had found what I’ve been looking for most of my life, and they found it in Japanese women.

To be honest, I never was into Asian women that much before I spent some time in Asia. It really changed me. It only reinforced my opinions about how lifeless and disconnected from reality culture in North America has become.


6 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: Yes, 90% of the World Is Still Sane, Have Hope

  1. America is pretty bad lol, if you’ve seen how submissive & feminine eastern european chicks are

    Or how submissive & literally worship their men, real traditional muslim women are

    Western women are way way too masculine, even their basic behaviour is highly disrespectful

    Women are supposed to be extremely submissive to men & honour men, thats the way its supposed to be

    It’s not really about socialism, its about traditionalism & the number of children

    The greater the number of kids, & theres virtually no unemployment & zero government

    Plus all the women become extremely submissive to men

    Women arent very stable, if they dont have large amounts of kids

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