Why Men Love Being A LoneWolf & Garages & Mancaves Are A Mans Best Kept Secret Part 1

All relationships are about balancing hormones

A basic fact when discussing relationships

Everything we do or say is all about utilising or generating hormones, when we’re biologically correct we generate huge amounts of hormones which boost our addiction to reality

We navigate reality not by choice, but by the addiction to powerful drugs generated by the brain

Hormones generate the addiction to reality which allow us to experience the exhilaration of reality

The more driven & ambitious a person is, the more addicted he is to the world he creates in his mind

The feedback we get back from our reality just reinforces the addiction to the reality in a persons mind

Everything we do or say generates or uses up huge amounts of testosterone or oestrogen, depending on how biologically correct the action

This is why its so important for men to behave masculine

Behaviours are really encoded forms of getting the nervous system to generate huge amounts of toestestorne

The 3 crucial concepts of understanding men :

Everything we do or say soaks up huge amounts of toestosterone, this is why we feel fatigued after watching a movie

This is also why men really dont like to talk much, or generate huge amounts of drama, they soak up huge amounts of toestosterone …

All forms of logic, rational, reason are forms of conserving toestosterone

Logic, rational & reason dramatically lower the amount of drama & toestosterone needed to be socially intelligent

Conservation of toestosterone is a huge part of a males behaviour, this conservation also allows us to predict male behaviour & optimise & cater to what men want, if we recognise why men conserve toestosterone

3rdly, generation …

Masculine behaviour generates huge amounts of toestosterone

As I said earlier, behaviours are really encoded forms of getting the nervous system to generate huge amounts of toestestorne

This is why its so important to behave masculine, as its a catharsis of generational hormonal behaviour,

Masculine behaviours of competition, leading, dominating, creating & solving problems, ALL generate huge amounts of toestesterone

They basically teach men how to be dominant if no one is around to be submissive to them … this is why competitive sports & fighting is so important  for men

It teaches men how to generate HUGE amounts of toestosterone

These are the basic’s of mens behaviour, once we understand these basics we can literally predict mens behaviour to a fascinating degree

So using the above why do men need tons of peace & quiet & time to themselves?

Continued in part 2 …


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