Why Men Love Being A LoneWolf & Garages & Mancaves Are A Mans Best Kept Secret Part 2

To recap … Speech soaks up huge amounts of hormones, men use logic, reason & rational to conserve their hormones, & their masculine behaviour acts as a coding sequence for the nervous system, to generate huge amounts of toestosterone

Excess of hormones, Conservation & generational, are the key relationship strategies men use with women

For example men are cocky & funny, but they use logic & reason in their sentences, to conserve toestosterone, while they behave masculine & dominant, to allow their nervous system to generate huge amounts of toestosterone

Its a fascinating self referential system, men use everytime they speak or interact with an object

All speech & interaction is balanced around the conservation & generation of hormones

This is why …

The lonewolf, allows men to conserve huge amounts of hormones & optimises their nervous system, allowing them extreme amounts of focus & concentration

We marvel at the speed & agility of panthers, but thats nothing compared to the extreme amounts of focus & concentration generated by most men, when they approach a problem to solve

We’re talking about literally billions of computational sums & probability generated in seconds by the male mind, even if he looks at an object

The male mind is literally a feat of biology, its a marvel of the natural world, we witness everytime in action, when we interact with a man

Time & space to himself, allows him to conserve toestosterone

Once that toestosterone is spent … he goes into his mancave or garage to generate huge amounts of toestosterone to allow him to communicate & solve problems for the new day

Mancaves & workshops allow men to rebalance, their hormones

Women rebalance their hormones, through the influence of men

Fixing & building & being competitive are all forms of generating huge amounts of toestosterone, vital to all men

It’s important to understand the concept of hardwiring …

Hardwired traits, arent really patterns of behaviour ingrained in a person, theyre really biological strategies the body has no choice in, to conserve, generate & balance their biochemistry

These biological strategies are fixed, precisely because a persons biology is fixed

Women are different, as theyre biology isnt designed to be independent, a huge part of her biology relies on interaction with a man

Women rely on men to teach them how to be rational, logic & reason

As women specialise in maintaining & generating social networks & families, not logic

All social networks rely on men, to maintain them, which is why men are revered by women, as men inject logic, rational & reason into a womans interaction with the social network, & family around her … not to mention protection & privilege

Behaviours are really encoding sequences, which allow a person to tap into their nervous system, if a behaviour isnt biologically correct, a man or woman’s biochemistry is greatly harmed

As biochemistry is a response to a fixed biology

The behaviour is also fixed, but always optimised

All philosophy, & religion & science, is dependant on biological correctness, the more biologically correct a philosophy or science, the more successful it is

We can use this standard to predict the success of a philosophy, or a science, or a film or an ideology, as well as its duration

The more framework it allows a society to be biologically correct, & biologically free, the more successful the strategy, ie the more it allows society to generate toestosterone & oestrogen & other hormones, the greater number of people will pick up & use the strategy

The more it allows a society to conserve toestosterone & oestrogen, the longer its duration & the longer its impact on society

Conservation & generation & rebalance of hormones, are THE fundamental underlying traits of all successful religions, philosophies

Science & society is unacceptable if it doesnt allow men to be biologically correct & biologically free

Freedom has to be defined in terms of biology


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