Augustine Points Out Why SuperSlut Eve Ate the Apple In The Garden Of Eve

Augustine describes why women find god through men

“Flesh stands for the woman,” he said, “and the spirit for the husband…” (Augustine, as cited in Trombley p. 239).

He concluded that “the serpent, which represents the enticement to disobedience to God and the preference for selfish desires.

First approached Eve, because as a woman she had less rationality and self-control and was closer to the “lower” or female part of the soul…” (Augustine, as cited in Reuther, 2007, pp. 53-54)

That is the material, or flesh part of the soul … materialism is a concentration or implosive of energy, a many to one transaction … it concentrates energy into a single construct

This is why women are consumers, & build social networks, they concentrate energy, instead of distributing energy  …

This is also why women arent as strong physically, as theyre role is to concentrate the energy of society, not distribute the energy of society

You need strength to distribute energy, you need weakness to concentrate energy …

Weakness is a concentrative force, it allows society & families to gather strength & recuperation

Weakness as a healer, it’s passivity allows us to realise the fragility of a persons actions, while also allowing to realise the need for strength if those actions dont come to pass …

Weakness, also sensitises us to the consequences of our actions, which is why self control is so important to women

If women have no self control, theyre unable to use their weaknesses to gather strength for their families or recuperate their families

It’s innocence & naivette, which keeps a family fresh & invigorated, seeing the world for the very first time

It’s the harsh truths of man, which ensures their families & society remain protected

Emotions are temporary, brute force & dominance & the raw brutal truth is eternal


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