Concluding My Research On The Fake Rape Hysteria By Government & Lesbian Criminals

I’ll be providing even more statistics & research later on

The fact is the newer statistics I want to discuss are too depressing, we’re talking about the statistics of millions of innocent men & children, deliberately suppressed & hidden by government agencies & scum feminists

I’ll be covering those later on, I really want to avoid turning this blog into a site filled with doom & gloom, this site is about hope & giving people a foundation of real strength & a real sense of knowing they can fight the government & society

If they dont want to fight, then they can defend their families & homes, with the truth & hard facts & statistics

Thats what this research is about, to liberate people from government & society

To round off my latest research

The stats provided by the CDC, The U.S Department of Education, AND statistics by the British home office, prove there is NO rape

In fact rape is so low over 42,000 universities in the U.S have 0 rape listed for over 3 years

The CDC run by the U.N specifically state rape in the U.S is so low it goes below 0.0% averaging at 0.02%

In the U.K, the BBC & The British home office show rape is so low, virtually no women get raped in the U.K, the statistics also specifically state less then 0.0%

The real shocker, is the fact feminists KNOW all of these facts … so does the government, as the government PUTS OUT ALL OF THE STATISTICS …

They KNOW rape is virtually none-existant …

Feminists & the government caught red handed, admitting there is no rape

Continued in my next post …


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