Comment Of The Day: Stoning & God’s Condemnation Gives Man Loyal Wife

Youtube gets all the best facepalm moments …

“I chose heavily religious woman for my wife, but it didnt help cause I live in strong governmental society, looks after woman interests and safety.
After my wife cheated, I only made sure that she knows what cheating means in CHRISTIAN RELIGION. That I should drag her to her fathers doorstep and STONE HER TO DEATH. I made this issue VERY CLEAR, to her whole family.
Then they all got scared of GODs condemnation on their asses and I have LOYAL WIFE now. Im very pleased now (15y marriage). =)”

kwena7 3 days ago
That shit is funny man, but I doubt it will last forever. Someday she may google ‘freedom from religious fear’, and then your ass is toast. Goodluck
Reply · in reply to Harry Hermanowitzard

Harry Hermanowitzard 3 days ago
I wasnt clear enough, when I said “I chose heavily religious woman” IF you think she would EVER question the cult she chose to worship… Well, her parents made the choice for her ofc, but she wont go back and ask the questions, that destroy whole ideology.
So, Im safe for the rest of my life and I dont have to “fear”, that she would cause more conflicts. Im in “heaven” and no fear to be second handed ever again =)


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