0% Of Women Raped In the U.K, Rape Is Virtually Impossible In The U.K, Literally No Women Get Raped In The U.K

I’ve been conducting research on the REAL statistics, what I’ve uncovered so far is a HUGE coverup by the corrupt media

What I’ve found the rape statistics are SO LOW, women are literally impossible to get raped in the U.K

The statistics are SO LOW, the rape statistics go below 0% per year, literally no women are getting raped


Out of a population of 50,000,000, thats 50 MILLION PEOPLE, only 16,000 women get raped per year … thats less then 0.02%

In FACT more men get raped then women …

In the U.S over 250,000 men are raped every year … versus 16,000 women in the U.K …

Statistics are from the BBC & The Home Office, listed on AngryHarry’s website, check out his site if you want to know more about this cover up

“Analysis of the statistical data presented at the above BBC web page, which is based upon data from the Home Office in 2006.

There were approximately 16,000 alleged rapes reported to the Police of England and Wales in one year. This is out of a total population of approximately 50,000,000. (pop excludes Scot & N.I.)

Proportionally speaking the number of alleged rapes reported to the Police in England and Wales in one year is “so small” that it falls BELOW the minimum significant value of the chart and is represented as being
rounded down to 0%”

Yes you read that right 0% …


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