Hysterical Feminists Try To Claim The Bible’s Full of Rapists

The bible is about tribalism, it has nothing to do with modern civilisation, as modern civilisation is a form of enslavement

The bible really only makes sense when you approach it from the natural state of man, which is tribalism

In the Bible theres alot of talk about fathers & god giving their daughters away, & their virginity to complete strangers, or to even appease wars & prevent men from sinning

If you approach the bible from the point of view of tribalism, this makes alot of sense

In a tribe, women give themselves away to men who need them, women really dont complain about love or resources, as a tribe satisfies her need for pre-selection, as well as hypergamy

Also men bonded with a woman for life, in the old testament

Plus because all of the work was hard labour, which women are too lazy to do, as they were so priviliged all women really did in the old testament, was to reproduce & pop out kids

Again because of the bibles tribalism, women literally gave themselves away to men who needed them, plus all the men were rugged & alpha, because of the rugged environment, pretty much satisfying all of a womans tick boxes …

Plus in wars or conflict, women who’d lost their husbands in war, would’ve died out of starvation or poverty, if the invaders didnt take them as wives

The invaders were literally saving the women & their children …

This is essentially why women dont do any hard labour, or handle guns, as women know if they become too useful or learn to defend themselves, they’re no longer seen as luxury items, or spoils of war, or booty

Women know what happens if they become too capable, self reliant strong & independent, they get treated like men & gunned down, if other men see women as a threat

What invader wants to save a strong capable man?

In a tribal environment, all women give themselves away to men, who need them, basically this is how a tribe operates, there’s no need for love or bonding, as women dont really need love, when the whole tribe’s filled with rugged alpha’s …

Plus theres strict laws in the bible, if a man takes a womans virginity he has to marry her, basically in the bible if a woman throws herself at a man, she’s set for a life of luxury & popping out kids

An amazing deal for women

This is why theres no such thing as rape in the bible, women literally gave themselves away to men who needed them, as the bible is a tribal religion


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