What Can Christians & Traditionalists Do To Save Marriage? Part 2

In part 1 I outlined the basics of saving marriage

The main problem with marriage is the fact, men hardly ever get to see their children or family

Men are exploited by corporations & governments, who deliberately create a work environment to deprive families of fathers & a patriarchial influence

Corporations have waged a war against fathers for centuries, trying to get men out of a large nuclear family & enslaved & exploited by government & corporations, modern day slavery

The fact is men are never supposed to work for other corporations, theyre supposed to build & create work on farms & tribes & communities

A family needs both parents to stay at home

A father who has to goto work for 12 hours a day, is untenable & unsustainable

Fathers who goto work instead of raising families, has severe long term repercussions on the formation of strong nuclear families

The rise of feral women & sluts, is specifically caused by stayathome mothers, raising children on their own, while their husband works for 12 hours a day

Women turn highly promiscous feral to try & find the masculinity & authority of a father they dont have at home

Lets be clear, its the exploitation & slavery of fathers, causing the marriage strike by men today

This isnt some societal phenomenon

The marriage strike’s caused by the deliberate exploitation & slavery of fathers by society, forcing men to work instead of raising families

ALL families have a delicately balanced biology, where the father & men are supposed to provide the majority of nurturing & parenting

Women dont have the male authority or leadership to correctly nurture & bring children into maturity

ALL cities are designed to exploit & enslave families, by not having the father or males stay at home

Its a matter of environment

Men are supposed to build family businesses for their families by their families

A farm has ALWAYS been THE family business

A farm gives you freedom, it gives you your own food supply, your own energy source & your own water

A farm is pure freedom from government

Taking fathers out of the home, is pure slavery, it’s pure exploitation of men

This is why families have to leave the cities, all cities are designed to not keep families together, a city has no opportunities for fathers

If christians & traditionalists want to save marriage, they have to leave the cities

They have to recreate their old traditions & communities on farms, if they want to free men from the slavery of marriage

Sustainability of food, energy & water, is the bedrock of a stable family

When men & women dont live off the land, you cannot have strong nuclear families & a strong morally foundationed society

What we’re seeing today, is the result of centuries of socially engineering families, by herding them into enclosed crowded concrete filled cities, instead of having their own land & farms to feed their families


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