Men Need Tons Of Space, To Develop Great Signalling Mechanism’s, Necessary For A Successful Relationship

The context of your communication succeeds the actions of a word

Successful signaling mechanisms & bio-behaviourial strategies, always lead to hot sizzling relationships

The success of a relationship is always determined by how straightforward the context of the communication is

Men are the gatekeepers of relationships, they dictate the terms of a relationship, if a woman wants a successful relationship, she has to learn to stop using flowery language or prettifying her words, she has to learn to use the language of men, logic

Talk to a man straightforward & stop using background, get to the point, be concise

If you dont have anything important to say to a man, avoid saying it

Give your man enough space & time to himself

If you want to talk to him, give him a hug or put your hand around his waist, & wait for him in another room, to come talk to you

Indirect communication is a form of sensitisation to another person’s states, ie needs, emotions etc.

A strong masculine male, allows for the development of indirect communication, as anticipation & indirect communication are key components in male communication

Women who dont let their man lead, dont develop the indirect signals necessary to anticipate the biochemistry of the other person

ie., if a woman is in the prime biochemistry cycle, the man has no way of knowing he needs to give her hard sex, or if she’s not to vary it

This also applies to meals, sometimes he needs a huge pile of steaks & blue cheese. other times he needs something light to concentrate on his work

If they dont develop signalling mechanism’s to anticipate each others needs & wants, the relationship will not work

Anticipation backed by the reinforcement of biochemistry is a hot & sizzling relationship …

This will eventually teach you both to sensitise each other to his or her states. eventually leading to the couple using rituals or mating habits, to communicate

All successful relationships create rituals or mating habits, words arent as good as creating rituals or mating habits …

This is done by giving the man space to himself & plenty of time to himself, this allows him to become sensitive to your state, by becoming sensitised to each others states, this leads to the creation of important rituals which hold relationships together

Giving your man enough space, allows him the space to develop signals which govern the bio-mechanics of a relationship, allowing you to anticipate his needs better

This is something women who dont give their man enough space, dont learn, as theyre man hasnt had a chance to develop the signals to anticipate his needs, as she doesnt give him room to himself & private time to himself

Most relationships dont work, precisely because they dont develop the signalling mechanisms, to develop rituals which satisfy or anticipate each others needs in the long term

This is something old age couples do brilliantly, theyre communication with words isnt great, but their anticipation of each others needs is high & well developed


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