Welfare & No Fault Divorce Turn’s All Women Into Legalised Prostitutes

All child support & welfare is stealing sperm by fraud

In fact theres no such thing as child support, its really alimony or enslavement to government for using one of their legalised prostitutes

Which is all women are today, legalised prostitutes

This is basically what no fault divorce & welfare’s turned women into, legalised prostitutes

You pay the government for use of their barren wombs & walking uterus

This is what the government planned all along, make women the property of government & force men to pay for use of their whores …

Welfare is enslavement to government

The whole point of welfare is to turn women into artifical wombs for government reproductive enslavement

Whats even worse modern women, have no rights to their children, there’s a hundred & 1 laws to steal your child, & you’re still forced to pay cash for the stolen baby, to the very same people who stole it, the government

This is what happens when men have no rights to protect society, the real enemy enslaves you & turns your children into sick thugs ie., pigs & cops & the military … to do the same to your future children

The slaves enslaving their own children, the fate of all mainstream drones & welfare sluts


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