Women Only Date Alpha’s & Hot Guys Out Of Desperation, Women Who Date Alpha’s Fake Weddings To Beta’s

If you study real science, & actually study the real research, a vast majority of the science out there is false, for example theres no such thing as electrons or photons

Theyre fake terms designed to describe the function of a wave, in a theoretical mathematical model, in other words a fake form of physics, taught in the wide world … globally …

Women date alpha’s & hot guys out of desperation, women are surrounded by beta’s, when they cant attract a beta they revert to a high testosterone mating strategy

Contrary to belief, high testosterone males have a high tolerance for masculine women

Having high testosterone, also doesnt make you alpha …

Alpha requires dominance, leadership & skill & cunning, anticipation of danger & predicative of danger

Beta’s have extremely low tolerance for masculine women

So low they’ll refuse to sleep with women, to the point they become celibate, or virgins in their 50’s

70-80% of the population is beta …

Alpha’s arent sustainable for population explosions, as alpha’s account for only around 30% of the population

All population explosions depend on access to women, by beta’s, ie 70-80% of the population …

The conundrum …

Why do women sleep with beta’s, if theyre not alpha? … in fact why do population explosions depend on women sleeping with beta’s, if women prefer alpha’s?

The dirty secret alpha’s dont want you to know …

All men have the capacity to be alpha, as being alpha is a biological trait hardwired into all men

There’s a catch … This trait requires an instinctual response from women to become activated

All attraction to women, requires this attraction response to be triggered

All attraction depends on how effectively a woman triggers the alphaness of a male …

Women become desperate for alpha males, when they cant trigger the alpha traits in a beta or normal man

This requires extreme amounts of feminity to trigger, women have to wear extremely feminine clothes & give off an air of submissiveness to trigger this alpha trait in men

THIS is why theres a massive marriage strike, beta’s are refusing to protect these women, because modern women dont have the ability, to trigger this alpha trait in men

What does this mean for the modern, & the rejection of modern women?

In primitive civilisations, women date alpha’s

In advanced civilisations women have the luxury of dating beta’s, they can afford to wait for a beta to grow into a permanent alpha

Continued in part 2




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