Why Women Wear High Heels & Makeup

Give a man enough authority & even the most beta becomes an alpha, power liberates & strengthens men

Give a man enough pussy, without the authority & power of masculinity, & he turns into a tyrant, an asshole, a mangina, a white knight, these men have never tasted the power or authority of a man to liberate them from the irrationality of emotions, they learn from women.

This is why women wear high heels, & constrain themselves through their skirts, to liberate men through giving them power & the strength to strengthen them

Master your weaknesses & they turn into strengths for those around you … this is what women have learned to do, to turn their weaknesses as a form of strength for men, but if men dont have their own strength, they become manginas & pussy worshipping white knights

So …

Women wear high heels. to prevent themselves from running away from beta’s, to give beta’s a chance to grow into permanent alpha’s

Mating rituals have always been about allowing beta’s to grow into Alpha’s

High heels also allows women to dominate themselves, autonomously submissive if a man isnt around to dominate her

This has more truth then you think

Women have always tried to historically hide their masculinity by appearing to be weak & helpless

Women wear mini skirts, to provide easy access to prey

Makeup is also a highly visible signalling mechanism for prey, makeup is a highly effective form of signalling helplessness, as bright red & bright colours, make it easier for prey to locate

Women wear long skirts, to constrain themselves from running

Women feign helplessness, to trigger the biological alpha hard wired into all men

Women use feminity to give men extreme amounts of power & authority, by pretending to be helpless, of course men know how to do this also

Women use their feminity to optimise the alpha traits of man


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