Feminist Label Giving Birth To A Baby As Birth Rape – Proof Feminism Is A Hate Speech Movement

Women call giving birth to a newborn in a hospital as birth rape

Women call birth murder, as a right of women … the lack of morality of feminists borders on pure evil …

Some commonsense comments on huffpost, called women out on their sociopathic hate speech against pregnant women …

“Oh, and the term “birth rape”? Sensationalist, emotive nonsense.”

“I think it is highly disrespectful to refer to the care and attention you were given by well meaning and overburdened midwives and doctors as ‘rape’.

In many countries, women don’t have the benefit of the kind of medical attention you received and as a result children and mothers die at birth; as I would have, had it not been for an emergency c section when I was born.

You should be grateful for the treatment you received and for a baby delivered safely.

Implying that the people who helped and cared for you are gang rapists is analogous to me calling my dentist an ‘axe-murderer’ for drilling a cavity.”

“Does it really matter where you have a baby hospital or at home as long as it’s delivered healthy and alive.”

Paul Elam spells it out, its all about giving corrupt lawyers extra cash to sue doctors & nurses

The vast majority of feminist movements are funded by law firms … they’re fake movements, basically criminal cartels profiting off sending as many men to prison as possible

Feminism is a corrupt criminal movement … it is not a womens rights movement, it has never been

Paul Elam spells it out …

“Taking the delivery of emergency healthcare services and interpreting them through the convoluted lens of a woman’s distressed emotions is nothing short of bizarre. But it’s a par for the course example of how willing feminists are to dilute the meaning of rape in order to gain extra value to the victim card.

For it’s the power of perceived, not actual victimhood, that can provide cash to the cow.

Here’s the scenario that those wacky Jezebel’s are shooting for:

Doctor: I’m sorry, your baby is having difficulty coming through. I am going to have to use forceps.

Sue: I want a second opinion!

Doctor: There is no time. You are delivering now! (The doctor proceeds to save both mother and child)

Sue: RAPE! RAPE! Help me I am being RAPED!!

Nurse: Time to up your malpractice again.

Sue: You’re not acknowledging ownership of my body! RAPE! Oh dear God! RAPE!

Doctor: There now. All done. You and your baby are fine.

Sue: I have been violated! RAAAAAAPE!

Now, most women who have just been raped in plain view of an entire medical team would want the police.

Not the litigious Sue. She wants her lawyer, and while she is at home with her fatherless offspring, sucking up whatever government benefits she can from the giant government tit.

That is the End Game with all this rape hoopla; the power to get at some money.

Birthrape, as a concept, is designed to present a no win for the deep pockets of healthcare providers. Take your choice; whether for malpractice or rape.”


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