A COOL IDEA – Create Bamboozle’s To Solve The Puzzles Of Your Mind

Learn to see the opportunity in what you dont know …

A bamboozle, is superior to an answer, a bamboozle forces you to backward rationalise an idea in hundreds of unexplainable ways

The right answer’s a bit of a yawn, as it only solves a solution

A bamboozle’s lot cooler, ‘cos it generates hordes more solutions

Always beware of solutions which only solve a question, the probabilities they dont generate will always bite you in the ass, & the tons of idea’s you didnt anticipate or opportunities you didnt take

Life requires you to generate more opportunities & anticipate ambition & complexity

Basically learn to create an answer from the inverse proportionality of a solution

Create an event where the wrong answer is correct & work your way backwards

A brilliant mind blowing answer is alot more useful then the right answer, learn to see the opportunity in what you dont know

What you dont know is always greater, then what you do know …

Don’t you know? Where does your homework go, if your cat or dog eats it … in the unknown … *face palm*

& I gave you guys so many clues too … *triple face palm* …

Dont try this post at home, the gratuitous face palming should only be carried out by trained professionals …


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