The Patriarchy Killed Millions Of Men To Give Women Hundreds of Rights & Privilege Episode 1

A patriarchy which oppresses men, is no patriarchy, if it benefits women & children only

The thousands of men who died on the titanic, to save 200 women & 50 children, proved exactly who were the real oppressors

Isnt it ironic, the so called oppression of women always results in their protection & theft of men

While the oppression of men, results in their death

Women have always enjoyed HUGE amounts of privilege & rights over men, women tell us all the time, they are after all the weaker sex

The truth is women have always been capable of hunting & protecting their children, obviously not as well as men

Women chose to become predators of men, that is the tragedy of the garden of eve …

The apple become a symbology of how women were to consume the great works of man & his knowledge & protection

Instead of growing their own apple of knowledge, nurture it, & learn to grow hundreds of tree’s of knowledge, they chose to take a bite

Women were only labelled as property, in small parts of the world

Even in african tribes, & primitive tribes, women have ALWAYS had more rights then men

Precisely because the tribe has always had to protect & even worse provide for women …

Now imagine how much MORE productive & successful the tribe wouldve been, IF they forced the woman to hunt & provide for their own children?

Of course women cant reveal the fact, women are really predators of men

So they use the threatpoint … their fertility … the fragility of their fertility makes them unfit to hunt

Plus there’s all the orgasms & the other men they complain to, the beta orbiters who they keep around to kill other men for them

Of course the greatest beta orbiter is the father, the great killer of men

Women use fathers & bf’s to kill millions of men every year … in fact I’d go as far as saying women instigate they’re pussy whipped on pussy juice, bf’s & husbands to commit a huge majority of the crimes, the amount of men killed over worthless sluts & whores is sick …

Women eventually advanced evolved, onto civilised cultures, where both men & women literally had to do  ridiculous small amounts of work, compared to hunter gatherer tribes, the rise of the poisonous & disease causing grain …

Of course work in even technologically advanced society’s like the victorians, was too much work for most women

Women decided to use a different threatpoint, since life was so easy, women really had no reason not to do any real work …

Women decided to declare they were more pure then men …

& the shit really hit the fan …



Check out the thrilling tragedy of how women & puritanism destroyed mens rights in episode 2 here …


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