Another Example Of How Cops Steal Property

All cops are criminals, as they kidnap people with no evidence & hold them in cages, for years

This is standard practise for kidnappers as cops

Cops are essentially kidnapping criminals & murderers who steal property & hold people for ransom

Again its important to remember, they never have evidence

Also all cops, forge signatures on warrants, or even more regularly hand over blank warrants

This is standard practise of cops in general, theyre operating procedure is to break the law as often as possible

Cops are hundreds of times more corrupt then any drug lord or drug baron

There’s nothing legal about a cop, he’s a corrupt criminal

Anyway onto the article …

If you havent heard of Marc Stevens, he’s one of the top legal activists in the U.S

He’s responsible for The No State Project & has single handed helped popularise the concept of a Voluntarist Society, before most people even knew what it was

If you want to find out how the corrupt law really works, & how corrupt & criminal your local police unit is, marc stevens, should be at the top of your list

Marc Stevens is one of the most important figures of our time, his exposition on how society really works, is fascinating

Most importantly, he’s not a socialist or a liberal or a marxist, as its impossible to be a socialist, once you see how the system really works …

You can check him out on, he also has a great forum & articles explaing the real nature of corrupt cops & corrupt court systems

Marc Stevens has a recent article, where he shows how the corrupt police regularly steals cars, without any evidence …

“A lawyer in Canada, she’s part of the traffic bureaucracy.  Her particular agency sends orders to the police to steal (impound in legalese) people’s cars and hold them for ransom (fee).

I’m helping a victim of these predators get his property back.  We spoke with the police, they had no evidence and hung up on us.

“So you don’t have any evidence of jurisdiction but you’re not going to give him his property back?”


“You believe you’re acting in good faith still?”


“So you have no evidence, and you believe that acting without evidence of jurisdiction, you’re still acting in good faith?”


“Wow.  Can I speak with your supervisor?”


This call is only a small fraction of the evidence I’ve gathered and posted.  They admittedly don’t have evidence the laws apply, the same laws being the only thing separating them from common criminals, yet they refuse to stop.”


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