Comment Of The Day: Security & Comfort Are All Forms of Stagnation, They Are The Mind Killers Of Modernism & The Lies Of Feminist Filth & The Lies Of Modern Women

Excellent comment by Uncle Elmer over at ROK, security & comfort are the ultimate danger, you will never achieve anything in life if you pursue security or comfort

Security & comfort always lead to stagnation, they are a dead end, they are the ultimate trap of western civilisation

Freedom & independence, requires radicalism, extremism, a maverick mind & a refusal to obey any form of authority

Unless it gives you strength, grit, drive & determination, it has no value

Value tenacity & embolden your standards

Your standards must be exceptional, borne of unequaled intellect, ingenuity & brilliance & innovation

Your lowest standard, must be higher & superior then anyone else

Learn to compete, dominate, & conquer with intellect & radical ennoblement

Be superior, be brilliant, learn to take & use hate to drive your dreams

Men dont have their freedom, precisely because they do not have the hate to fight those who dont give him freedom

Master hate, to give you the grit & determination to success

Anyway onto Elmers quote …

“Yes Grasshopper. You must abandon security before security abandons you.”

“Workplaces are notorious for threatening your security as a means to intimidate and control you.

Simply allowing yourself to walk away from the situation can provide immense psychological freedom and very often turns the table in your favor.

Those that remain locked in the abusive paradigm will fester in their own juices rather than look for means to escape. They are called “co-workers”.”


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