Fake Female MRA Gets Swamped With Hordes Of Mangina’s

One of the major problems with movements reaching a wider audience, is the hordes of mangina’s who spend far too much time sucking up to women, while calling themselves supporters of mens rights

These men are an issue, as they basically dont care about the validity of the message, theyre more interested in the mouthpiece then the actual content

Theyre inability to speak to women in real life, has unfortunate repercussions in the political & public sphere …


“i opened a sock youtube account with a female name. i started posting on MRA videos, and these horny little MRA buggers started coming out of the woodwork sending me private messages saying how wonderful i am.

can you imagine the kind of chump shit some of the more popular female MRAs get?

there is no way these broads have anything approaching respect from men in the movement, because so many of these guys have the stink of death and are actually trying to get a date with these fuglies. and most of these cupcakes are LGBT!”



MGTOWForums also has great comments on the hordes of mangina phenomenon …

“and posts that shes interested in firearms (and they make sure you know they are female by their username/avatar and intro) all the leg humping manginas come out of the woodwork”



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