How Marriage Devestates & Destroys Men Part 2

The one sided relationship, where he has to adhere to a alpha beta paradigm

Constantly forced to be distant, walled off,  to cope with the shit tests, irrational unpredictable behaviour

Her emotional state, inability to face criticism, inability to appreciate rational solutions, forces him to walk on eggshells, where even logical rational behaviour is seen as being unfair … lol

Women also have a culture of coping by lying & deception & victim blaming, instead of addressing the situation head on as logically & effectively as possible

Women also have a bad habit of using anything you confide in them, against you … all childhood problems, your concerns, your worries … all held & used against you when you least expect it

Because women are irrational, if they feel theyre loosing the arguement or theyre about to look bad, they’ll bring up any mistakes, your childhood worries, as ammunition against you, even though it has nothing to do with the argument

Whats even worse, women view any correction of their behaviour as a victim …

Women are brainwashed by feminism & the media, to view themselves as  perpetual victims

Women essentially exist in a self reinforcing pattern  of victimisation, which doesnt allow them to learn from criticism & mistakes

Because its a self referential form of behaviour, they gradually become more delusional & sensitive to criticism as they get older …

All of the above, basically destroys any trust the male has with the wife

He’s forced into managing the wife, & working around her emotions, instead of enjoying a relationship

This lack of trust with the wife, forces a husband to basically check out emotionally from the marriage

As emotions would mean confronting how one sided the relationship is … he does all the emotional heavy lifting & the wife plays the victim everytime she’s bitchy, irrational etc., or makes any mistakes

Irrational behaviour is caused by two things

She doesnt respect the husband as alpha

& most importantly she doesnt value the relationship, she doesnt see the relationship worth correcting her behaviour for

All women correct their behaviour & adapt to the needs of the alpha

All shit tests & irrational behaviour are all ratio’s for how much she doesnt value the relationship, biologically

Because women are notoriously passive aggressive, instead of coming out & telling him she doesnt give a crap about the relationship, they use shit tests, irrationallity, hysterics, fits,  as passive aggressive attacks on the relationship

These attacks eventually lead her to check out of the relationship as she no longer respects the relationship

Respecting the relationship is highly important for a woman, as it reflects on how strong the husband is as a gatekeeper of relationships

Women also dont respect the husband as she gets older, as women are biologically designed to expect the man to mate with a younger woman, once she becomes infertile & unable to have children

If the husband stays with the wife, past the stage of being barren, she doesnt have the same pre-selection valaue he wouldve had in her younger age


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