Women Addicted To Men Correcting Their Bad Behaviour & Habits Part 2

3479598520_caa87119be_o (1)

Im referring to the damage caused to man if a woman behaves irrationally, when you shit test & behave irrationally, not fights …

The NUMBER ONE CAUSE for men dumping a woman, shit tests & irrational uncontrollable behaviour by women

He might give the impression he’s shrugging it off, but in fact it causes him to become walled off & act aloof, resulting in him becoming distant, as he cant trust you enough because of your unpredictable behaviour

Your shit tests are a major issue to a man

When you shit test a man, it literally feels to a man as if the relationship is over

As he cant trust you when you’re around him

Which is WHY you need to learn how to build the trust back with him after you shit test or throw fits or hysterically

You have to actively build trust back after shit tests, he might not show it, but it is a major issue with him

You have to demonstrate you’re doing something to correct your irrational behaviour & assure him constantly, if you behave irrationally

Basically take responsibility for your actions & stop relying on him to correct your behaviour

Blaming shit tests on biology is unacceptable, it is possible to shut the shit tests down permanently

Women with alpha’s & thugs rarely shit test …

Stop shit testing the men around you & learn to correct yourself & control yourself

Most men never trust women, precisely because women dont learn to control themselves or correct their irrational behaviour


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