Women Addicted To Men Correcting Their Bad Behaviour & Habits Part 1

Women are basically decades behind men, in terms of behaviour & sophistication, as a result of being stay at home mothers for centuries

This has caused women to not hold themselves responsible for their actions or develop strategies, to correct their irrational & emotional bad behaviour

Baiscally women arent taught to correct their bitchy behaviour & expect the man to correct her if she behaves like a moron or bitchy

Being submissive cant fix crazy, its not a magic catchall

Expecting the husband to correct your behaviour & overcome your shit tests, is a highly dysfunctional relationship3479598520_caa87119be_o (1)

Shit tests & irrational behaviour is a direct result of being isolated from men

In the exact same way men would be highly dysfunctional if they were isolated from women, to the extant women isolate themselves from men & see men as aggressors

This isolation is a direct result of feminism, which causes women to become isolated from men

Its this dysfunctional isolation which causes women to become irrational & behave bitchy & disrespectful, in relationships with men …


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