The bible is about being Ruthlessly Masculine

The bible is about being Ruthlessly Masculine

The word might be written in the bible, but its really through understanding the nature & biology of man can you really understand what the bible is really about

Man is THE most important part of the bible, without man there is no justice, morality or ethics

If you dont have a clear understanding of masculinity & the authority man has over the world, you will never get close to god in any shape or form

Our world is the bible … our world IS the word of god come to life

Every single bird & insect, is a living scripture …

You CANNOT avoid sin, by interpretations of scripture, interpretations of scripture leads to worship of culture

The ONLY way to avoid sin, is to follow nature & biology

Nature & biology IS the word of god

Our biology are living words of scripture, this is WHY game is so important to men & women


3 thoughts on “The bible is about being Ruthlessly Masculine

  1. Hi, I saw your comment on the Counter Feminist blog and you were asking about Peter’s two books. The links to download them are below:

    Living Free in a Fem Nazi World

    The TRUTH Be Told

    by the way, I was the guy who created the Boycott American Women blog, which went super viral. It was talked about on hundreds of medium to large sites, a few radio programs, a few newspaper articles, and I personally posted about 20,000 links to my blog in various places online. I estimate that around 50 million people have heard about my blog through the vast amounts of publicity it received. Funny how I am pretty much the guy who made antifeminism go mainstream, and yet most of these MRAs guys hate on me, for some reason or another. Seems I’ve done more to promote antifeminism than all of them combined, perhaps they are jealous of my success?

    • I always find it amusing, how christians, evade the fact the bible is a book for & about the authority of men

      God created man first …

      Christ was a man, not a chick for a reason

      God gave man dominion over everything … including women

      So yes, the bible is about man

      Even christ died so man could live

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