Oranges Are Useless For Vitamin C

Most oranges only contain around 0.07 g of vitamin c

To get even one gram of vitamin c, you need to eat 10 oranges!!!

Most animals in the wild, require & generate around 50-100 grams to handle stress & handle the effects of toxicity caused by stress

To get 50 grams of vitamin c, you’d need to eat a huge 500 oranges …

You’re much better off buying 100g of vitamin c powder & rub vitamin c into your arm, using dmso

This allows you to bypass the digestive problems of  eating vitamin c & give your immune system a massive boost, allowing it to repair & dramatically increase your health by a huge amount

Oranges & fruit in general are really only good for the liquids inside, but the liquid should be taken with the whole fruit

As all fruit juices destroys the protective cellular membranes surrounding the sugar in fruit, turning into deadly regular sugar

The only really good thing about fruits are the electrolytes in the liquid of a fruit, & the information contained inside the liquid of the fruit

The information in the liquid gives the micro-bacteria in the body enough information to dramatically alter the composition of the immune system

Fruit arent designed to generate nutrition, theyre designed to generate information

The body doesnt function on nutrients, it functions on information

Food isnt a source of nutrients, food is another form of sense, food is a sensory organ we use to sample our environment

Which is why water is so important

Water isnt a nutrient

Water is a circuit board for relaying information extracted from food


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