Men Only Movements & Spaces for Men Only The Key To a Society Free of Government

10:06:04 PM] Fidelbogen:  My main beef with the MGTOW club is their woman-bashing rhetoric. That makes for bad politics. Not smart. Not cool.

Ironic, considering the biggest male only movement, with millions of members, was successful precisely because women were never allowed to enter their communities

Of course i’m talking about game & PUA

I wonder why Paul doesnt recruit the highly lucrative & huge population base of game & PUA communities, to support the MRA & mens rights?

Is it because they’re Men Only Movements, which actually allow men to have their own space? …

The exact same thing the MRA is supposed to be? …

Its not about hating women

Its about creating a men only movement,  giving men their own space, & freedom to speak their own mind

Paul Elam & fidelbogen etc., they KNOW if they recruit gamers & PUA’s, they will HAVE TO BECOME a male only movement

They dont care how large or successful our game & PUA communities are

They dont want a men only movement … even though it should be about putting mens rights first …

Fidelbogen is all about not wanting a men only movement, that is what these men cant handle

They cant handle a movement where men stop censoring & stop watching their speech

They cant handle the success & freedom of a men only movement, like game, PUA, MGTOW & other millions of successful men only movements in history


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