Why Women give out fake numbers & Flake & standup men

If a chick is hitting on you & showing clear IOI’s, even though she doesnt know you

She’s hyper-sexually turned on

& hyper rationalising  a relationship with you

You should do a takeaway, or an instadate

Basically take her to the drink stand, or food hall, while talking to her

Avoid buying her anything, make it casual chit chat, grab yourself a drink or snack

From there, if you want to avoid flakes, you have to go for the kiss & escalate to a makeout

Most hypersexual chicks

Especially chicks today, want a makeout session before they give you their number

Chicks today are so used to using sex to start a relationship, they dont know how to start a relationship without makeout sessions & kissing

This is why chicks give out fake numbers, flake & arent interested in guys who dont physically make contact, with them via makeout sessions


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