The Mass Slaughter & murder of Men in Todays Society

Our society runs virtually a mass charnell, a slaughter house of men  men get shot, killed, commit suicide, die in jobs, wars, murdered

Hundreds of times more then idiot women getting themselves hit & slapped by their stupid choices & idiocracy

Dv & Rape are all designed to cover up the massive homicide & suicide rates of men

Whats even worse, men get raped far more then women, as men, ie 60% of the population make up 90% of the prison population

Rape is also alot worse for men, as rape fantasies are common for women

Unless women address the massive homicides & suicides of men, I couldnt give a crap about their 20-30% dv rates, most of which are false anyway

When men are the main slave’s in a culture & a society, the society will go out of their way not to address the horrific conditions men have to live with

Womens bullshit dv means jackshit to mens mass slaughter in todays society


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