The Future of Marriage Created By Gamers, PUA’s & MRA’s

Its the proliferation of Game & PUA & MRA, who’ll cause the divorce laws to change

Causing the same population explosion as in China & India

As MRA’s & Gamers, will create new types of marriage laws, which allows beta’s to access women

The same type of laws used in China & India

Traditionalists & monogamy, who limit access of women to beta’s, always lead to feminism & mass exploitation of men

Laws fair to men, will correct centuries of exploiting beta’s, leading to mass population explosions in the U.S & Europe

This population explosion will allow beta’s to create new types of marriage, which takes mens biology into account

Traditional & monogamous marriage, is highly one sided, too dependant on the man being an emotionless provider walking wallet, chained to an aging hag

This kind of marriage creates massive amounts of hypergamy, & alienates millions of beta from women

The new marriage will be similar to marriage in China

A polygyny where beta’s are able to take mistresses on the side, & women thanks to feminism will be open to taking cash for sex

This will dramatically open up the sexual marketplace to Beta’s, as Beta;s will be able to buy dates & relationships with women, who would normally never look at Beta’s

It is not the unavailability of women, which causes beta’s to avoid marriage

It’s the nuclear rejections from women which drives beta’s away from marriage & causes them to become invisible to women

Buying dates & relationships, as in China will allow men to dramatically side-step the rejections from women caused by their hypergamous nature

These are the laws Gamers & MRA’s will ultimately fight for

The proliferation of game & MRA, will make the above laws inevitable


3 thoughts on “The Future of Marriage Created By Gamers, PUA’s & MRA’s

    • Could you elaborate on what you disagree with?

      Theres alot of concepts in this post, perhaps you’re not familiar with

      Perhaps our society’s progressed further then you think … ?

      Anyway feel free to elaborate & i’ll be happy to explain my view


      • Given the past & current statistics – this is all ready in place in many parts of western civilization.
        There is a blog over at Dalrocks and a couple of the replies from different cultures were on the “Canadian Secretary Syndrome”.
        Betas are now avoiding marriage just like the CAD’s and Alphas. Interesting enough, the spinsterized over masculine woman are paying for the attention of any man ( I have found this to be true myself).
        As it stands, the historical medical diagnosis observation of “women are hysterical” has proved itself over & over again. What women dont realize, as their looks quickly fade, so does ability to tolerate their bad behavior fades as well leaving the described scenario.

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