Stay At Home Moms solutions for mothers to create stable families

The major problem today, is the modern family

Families only work in sustainable environments like a farm, or a tribe

As families need both parents to stay at home

A man as a provider, is highly stressful on the man

Modern families cause boys emasculation, instead of masculinity

Something SAHM Moms dont have the ability to fix

Also fathers become highly distant & emotionally distant, not being in contact with the family is highly stressful for men

Our society is essentially destroyed by men who dont have any ability to function in a family

Wage slaving for corporations, forces men to shut off the pain of not having contact with the family for over 10 hours a day

The father not being at home, causes the children to become highly dysfunctional

Also this causes the SAHM Mom to become masculinised, as she has to become leader of the family, in the absence of the father

This creates a dysfunctional family

The solution, is for the mother to send the boy to clubs or camps,  so he has constant masculine influence

The other solution is for the father to be at home for 3 or 4 days, & the mother works part time those days

The family should be working towards building a business family, or a farm, to create a sustainable environment

Fathers in Wage slavery destroys families


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