Why All Vegans & Vegetarians Have Highly Impaired Immune Systems & Some Stay Thin & Some Get Fat

Also A fat person becomes obese & a thin person becomes anorexic, for the exact same reason you get cancer or aids & heart attacks

An immune system allows a person to get cancer or aids, if you dont have an immune system you have system shut down & you have heart attacks, & strokes

Only a healthy person gets cancer or aids, a severely destroyed immune system gets heart attacks & strokes

Cancer & aids keeps a person alive, theyre not diseases, or illnesses preventing a person from dying immediately from concentrated forms of highly dangerous levels of their body fluids turning into pure poison

80% of a persons body is fluid

Cancer is a response to large portions of a persons bodily fluids from becoming highly poisonous, preventing cells from existing in the body fluids

Cancer has an extremely unique ability to concentrate highly polluted poisonous bodily fluids, into certain area’s of the body

These are called are tumours

This allows the body to slowly remove the poisonous bodily fluids & completely neutralises vascular & arterial damage

This is why you never remove a tumour, even brain tumours

You use a herbal poultice, even on brain tumours, as herbal poultices, rapidly, remove the poisoned fluids from a tumour, dramatically reducing the tumour in under a week

Stuff like essiac tea, mops up the remaining cancer cells, rapidly curing the person of cancer …

Obesity works in a similar way

You need a healthy immune & tons of nutrients to actually grow fat

You require a massive amount of nutrients & bodily fluids to create fat

It isnt easy for your body to create fat

You create fat by using up virtually all of your bodies resources of stem cells

If you dont have enough stem cells & large amounts of vital nutrients, its impossible for you to become fat

Basically if you’re immune system is damaged & poor, you’re thin

Which is why its alot more dangerous to be slim & thin, then it is to be fat

If you eat tons of junk food, & cant get fat, you’re immune system is highly poor & damaged

A vegan or vegetarian eating massive amounts of plants, stay slim precisely because they dont have enough nutrients & stemcells to create fat

Which is why in vegan countries such as India, they have huge epidemics of osteoporosis & epidemic levels & amounts of heart attacks & strokes

While Indian women in cities, balloon to obesity levels, in their 30’s

As Indian women do alot less work, then Indian men, causing their immune systems to function … while the men die of heart attacks

Plants cause vegetarians to block nutrients from fat cells & tissue, addicting them to the plant, as the plant blocks a vegetarians ability to absorb nutrients from other sources of nutrition

Precisely because all plants contain too little nutrients for a person to survive on them

Which is why in Britain its child abuse to raise a vegan child, if he doesnt have animal protein

Several parents were prosecuted by the government, because of the massive skeletal damage to the infant, causing everything from bowed legs, to highly brittle bones in the poor abused infant

Veganism & vegeteraianism is child abuse … the worst kind of child abuse


One thought on “Why All Vegans & Vegetarians Have Highly Impaired Immune Systems & Some Stay Thin & Some Get Fat

  1. “Which is why in vegan countries such as India”

    Where on earth did you hear that India was vegan?!

    “Which is why in Britain its child abuse to raise a vegan child, if he doesnt have animal protein”

    Hogwash. So many children in the UK are vegan. Its not illegal at all.

    Have you even been to these countries that you speak of?

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