Why All Plants & fruits in a supermarket are highly dangerous & contain Huge Amounts of Anti-Nutrients & Neurotoxins

Actually ALL plants block nutrients & contain massive amounts of anti-nutrients & neurotoxins

Theres two reasons …

The main reason is, plants contain ridiculously low amounts of nutrition, to the point of causing malnutrition & severe nutrient depletion to the animals who subsist on fruit & veg

Which is why cows have to eat grass all day, to get the same amount of energy & health of a lion, who has to eat only 3 or 4 times a week

This is why plants contain massive amounts of anti-nutrients

The anti-nutrients block the vegans ability to absorb nutrients from other locations, forcing him to continously eat the plant, as the plant severely blocks his ability to absorb nutrients from anywhere else

Basically plants & all fruits block the ability to get nutrients from fat cells & nutrients embedded in tissue, to violently addict a person by destroying his ability to absorb other nutrients

Fructose Corn Syrup, coca cola, carbs, snacks & junk food does same thing

ALL Junk food blocks your ability to absorb nutrients naturally stored in the body, & your meals

Which is why most people crave junk food & sugar

Junk food like mcdonalds & burger king also load the food with salts, to fool the body into thinking the food has vital minerals it needs

Frying food also contains carcinogens, which confuse the body into thinking it has nutrients, basically empty calories, but the same signalling mechanism & addictiveness of real nutrients

The more soil depletion the more the highly dangerous levels of antinutrients

The more monocropping, dramatically increases the anti-nutrients & neurotoxins, to highly dangerous levels

All plants & fruit in supermarkets are grown in highly depleted, over farmed soils, severely destroyed of soils & vital minerals

All plants & fruit in supermarkets are massively monocropped, highly stressed & damages the plants causing all plants & fruit to become highly dangerous & poisonous


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