Coming Soon 3 New Blogs To The Manosphere

Incredible Worlds – Cutting edge Black Ops Technology Research,

Technologies & research the government will never allow

Learn how to breath underwater without oxygen tanks, How to Become Immortal, Give Yourself Super-Powers, Never eat food again

As well as cutting edge philosophies & sciences, most people dont even know exist


Next Generation Raw Meat Paleo – Raw Meat & Rotten Meat is the nutrition everyone will be eating in the next hundred years, its the most advanced nutrient man has ever known

The more rotten a meat is, the more it accelerates your memory, stamina, strength & speed

Raw Meat literally gives you super-powers, of super memory, huge amounts of brain power, & super stamina & speed

Raw Meat is THE most advanced technology, ever created

Raw Meat is also impossible to create in a lab


Pick Up for Unmarried 30+ Women & Spinsters & Other Hags …

Cutting Edge Pick Up Game, for carousel riding, cock riding, hit the wall, useless hags & women

Yes we know how useless women are at dating after the age of 30

Cutting edge NLP & Ericksonian & Behaviorial Techniques, allow you to bag the chump of your dreams

Pick up & game specifically geared for washed up sluts & whores … because we all know you’re sooooo not worth it …


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