Understanding Why Children & Teenagers Hate & Swear Against Their Parents & Throw Massive Violent Tantrums – Part 1

What most parents dont understand children dont love their parents, children dont have empathy for their parents

Precisely because their brains are too undeveloped to develop concepts such as love & empathy

Which is why if a child makes your life a living hell, for the whole day, if you throw the kitchen sink at him & lay down the law

… he’ll go lick his wounds & carry on as if nothing whatsoever occurred …

6944215445_82a1ab013a_oWhich is why children dont use love & empathy as a guiding principles to reflect as a behavioral trait

Because of their under-developed brains, children are highly primitive & are essentially animals

Apart from the almost super-powered ability to process massive amounts of knowledge & data, out-stripping most adults, all children have i.q’s of around 300 up till around 12&13, they just dont have the social skills to express their i.q

The highest i.q of an adult is around 170-210 …

This isnt why most teenagers & children hate their parents …

All data is seperated by context

Social context, context of the neurology & nervous system, biochemistry context & state & sensory context …

Parents dont provide complex enough data to create a stable social context, for children to process the data they recieve from their environment

Also parents dont provide a strict & clear social context to enable them to understand the information they receive from their environment, ie parents

Because …


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