Understanding Why Children & Teenagers Hate & Swear Against Their Parents & Throw Massive Violent Tantrums – Part 2

Most parents are a product of the self-help movements, as well as the new age movementsWill-Smith-raps-Fresh-Prince-theme-postnoon-news

Most self-help movements are created for corporations, specifically to ensure a corporations workers & employee’s are as none-threatening as possible to a corporation

Which is why they promote fake & basically lies, co-operation, instead of being ruthless & strength & dominance & expressing authority & demanding obedience, as forms of excellence

As everyone knows being ruthless & domineering & having insane amounts of strength & balls of chrome plated duranium, powered by the power of a thousand exploding suns,

& the ability to defy the laws of physics, is what it takes to make it in the real world & flashing your chrome plated duranium powered balls at the front-desk secretary, as she swoons in awe of your manhood …

Of course no manager wants some freshman schmuck taking their seats, & offices

Which is why you dont see be a ruthless bastard, if you want to make it

Which is why you also dont see use your authority & dominance, to command discipline & inflict awe & be a bastard to everyone around you, if they fuck with you …

It’s designed to make you as none-threatening as possible to the fat fuck in management …

Which is why you want to avoid corporate events … & team building … brainwashing corporate fuck fests …

Which is essentially what Oprah & soaps, Jerry Springer & daytime soaps, are corporate brainwashing

Ever wondered why t.v & movies are filled with so much feel good garbage… now you know why …

Parents need to destroy their self-help, destroy their equality bullshit, & start chewing bubblegum & kicking ass …

Continued in Part 3


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