Why Settling for Betas Does Not Work & Optimal Biological States

Dread game & dark triad, is THE goto technique for messed up chicks

BDSM can also be considered as a vital part of dread game

Dread game & dark triad fixes most messed up chicks in record time

BDSM should be used as a preventative measure, that is it completely erases the cause for a messed up chick

Chicks become highly unstable if they dont have strong alpha presence, to allow women to get in touch with their rational, balancing side

Dread game & BDSM instills English: Bent forward strappadoa strong alpha male presence, ensuring she remains balanced & logical

This has to be prolonged preferably in their teens, as this is where their hormones are at their peak

& their imprint of hormonal behaviour, which shapes theyre behaviourial response at their greatest …

Women dont internalise logic & rational, they externalise

That is they use feedback response from their environment to stabilise their behaviour

This is also why settling for a beta will literally make them unstable

The continued presence of a beta, doesnt generate enough feedback or hyperacuity to keep her balanced & rational

This is why carousel riders who settle for betas, are literally poison to everyone around them …

As women are sociological, they use their environment to generate logic, instead of their brain … lol




Study :


“Men and women react to negative feedback differently

The results, which support our basic theoretical argument, indicate that outcome feedback (in particular the more negative outcome feedback) improved the decision accuracy of the female users compared to their male counterparts.

The moods of the male subjects before and after completing the task (receiving the same negative feedback) did not change.”


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